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Large Format Bathroom Tiles

Dream tiles made affordable

Magna Porcelain large format tiles achieve the luxury finish of materials like marble, at a cost attainable to homebuyers. Our clear pricing structure helps salespeople easily upsell the benefits of Magna tiles and increase margins on houses sold. 

The Magna Porcelain range has 30 colours with 3-4 price points, making the choice simple for customers. The tiles themselves are 2.8m x 1.2m and 6mm thick, with 9mm floor tiles available in the same material for a consistent and aesthetically pleasing finish.


Fast and accurate tiling

The tiling process is almost identical to smaller tiles but takes far less time and uses fewer tiles. Our stone masonry experience means we have the skills and expertise to cut and install the tiles quickly and precisely. 

We offer a full install in as little as 5 hours and provide 48-hour turnaround times from order to install. Templating and handling large format materials is what we do. We have capacity to order stock in volume and pass these savings on to our customers. 

Aspirational bathrooms that set properties apart

Large format bathroom tiles are used in high-end hotels and aspirational bathroom designs. The tiles provide a spectacular finish, featuring flowing patterns and natural veining. With fewer tiles and minimal grout needed, large format tiles are hygienic and easy to clean.  


We’ve developed a new range of large format tiles, Magna Porcelain, for housebuilders. Previously, these tiles had not been used within large housing developments because of their cost and complex installation. But we’ve created a process that makes it commercially viable. 


Show home appeal 

Magna Porcelain tiles are a desirable feature that wows potential buyers in the showroom. 


Fast installation

Tiling takes a matter of hours and our expert installers precisely cover the bathroom floors and walls. 


48-hour turnaround

Speed up install by choosing our express service and getting tiles installed within 48 hours of placing the order. 


Competitive edge

Be the first to offer large format bathroom tiles to home buyers and create a unique selling point for your properties. 

The simple choice to upgrade

Give your sales team the best chance of upselling Magna Porcelain with a clear process that foregrounds the benefits. Offer a select choice of tiles to make the decision easier. We create a clear pricing structure for your customers to assess their options. 

Sell customers on the benefits:

Stunning finished appearance
The easiest tiles to clean and maintain 
The look of marble at an affordable price
Hardwearing and impermeable 
Expert installation 

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Set your bathrooms apart

Get in touch to speak to us about how Magna Porcelain large format tiles could work for your housing developments. We work with you to agree a pricing structure and provide materials to help your teams upsell the tiles to homebuyers.