Athena Worksurfaces is constantly striving to reduce its carbon footprint. This is implemented both by offsetting emissions but where possible to reduce usage. The reinvestment strategy has a major impact on this, the new machines are much more efficient and take less time and energy to run. 

Sustainability and the Circular Economy:
Cosentino’s Environmental Commitment


These valuable projects will continue over the coming years, and mark some of Cosentino’s most significant investments.
The company is in the advanced stages of planning for what will be one of Spain’s largest renewable energy power plants for self-consumption.

The project is currently going through the applicable administrative processes and is expected to be implemented in 2020.
Cosentino will continue to empower the Circular Economy in its processes and is filing proceedings for producing a license which would permit the utilisation of water from a county treatment plant.

Construction of this new station for the Regeneration of Residual Water, located within Cosentino Park, is expected to commence this year.

Caesarstone’s environmental policy outlines a full program of environment preservation activities with regular management surveys, internal checks and corrective actions.

Our environmental management policy sets clear and measurable objectives to maintain safety standards. We continuously do our utmost to minimize the environmental impact of our production processes through energy and waste minimization, recycling technologies and the consideration of environmental factors in the selection of materials and suppliers.

Environmental Processes


Recycling Programs Saving Water - Operating a filtering system and recycling 97% of water used in the production processes.

Reducing Soil Pollution - Recycling industrial material excess to reduce landfill burial and soil pollution.

Recycling Industrial Waste - Operating an industrial waste recycling system.

Environmentally Friendly Packaging - Using recyclable packaging materials.

Safe, Clean Working Environment Air Purification - Operating air purification systems in the plant and its surroundings.

Protecting the Environment Against Dust – Collection of dust throughout the manufacturing process.

Responsible Storage - Storing raw materials in a safe, clean environment on sealed pallets to prevent leakage of ground polluting substances.

Economy of Resources Saving Energy - Monitoring and controlling energy consumption for maximising efficiency. Use of Post-Production Materials - Using industrial remnants in the production process thereby reducing quarrying activity and the exploitation of natural resources.


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