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How we’re reducing our carbon footprint and limiting waste

The team at Athena is constantly striving to reduce our carbon footprint. We do this by offsetting emissions and reducing our energy consumption wherever possible.

We have invested in our infrastructure to manufacture worksurfaces more quickly and efficiently. This has helped us reduce our carbon footprint dramatically. The new machines are significantly more efficient and take less time and energy to run.

Our Environmental Processes

Savings and Recycling Process Water

We have a filtering system and recycle 97% of water used in production processes.


Reducing Soil Pollution 

We recycle excess industrial material, reducing our waste to landfill and limiting soil pollution.


Recycling Industrial Waste

We operate an industrial waste recycling system.


Environmentally Friendly Packaging

We use recyclable packaging for our products and materials.


Safe, Clean Working Environment Air Purification

We operate air purification systems in the plant and its surroundings to keep air safe and clean.

Protecting the Environment Against Dust

We collect and remove dust throughout the manufacturing process.


Responsible Storage

We store raw materials in a safe, clean environment on sealed pallets to prevent leakage of ground polluting substances.


Economy of Resources Saving Energy

We monitor and control our energy consumption to maximise efficiency.

Use of Post-Production Materials

We use industrial remnants in the production process, thereby reducing quarrying activity and the exploitation of natural resources.

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Sustainability and the Circular Economy:

Cosentino’s Environmental Commitment

Sustainable future

Cosentino’s focus on a sustainable, circular economy

Cosentino use waste from the productive process or recycled materials in the composition of a proportion of their products (17% of total production). In 2019, they produced 1.45 million square metres of slabs with recovered or recycled material. 

The company has a dedicated facility for the treatment, valuation and recovery of waste generated, called the Waste Management and Recovery Plant. They reuse water and lengthen product life cycles by promoting repairs, reuse, and recycling.

Cosentino products Silestone® and Dekton® offer up to 25 years warranty, certifying the durability of these products and extending their useful life.



Caesarstone's Environmental Policy

Caesarstone’s environmental policy outlines a full program of environment preservation activities with regular management surveys, internal checks, and corrective actions.

Their environmental management policy sets clear and measurable objectives to maintain safety standards. They continuously do the utmost to minimise the environmental impact of production processes through energy and waste minimisation, recycling technologies and the consideration of environmental factors in the selection of materials and suppliers.

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