Forza Quartz Worktops

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The affordable quartz surface range for UK housebuilders

Increase margins on worktops

Forza has been developed specifically for housebuilders and kitchen retailers by Athena, with cost savings in mind. We saw a gap in the market for an affordable quartz surface with all the properties of the established materials.

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image credit: Stonehouse Furniture

Forza by Athena

Our own range bypasses the need for purchasing from large surface manufacturers. These savings are passed directly onto our customers. You get the same quality surfaces, templated and installed by our team, but at a smaller price point.

Forza Quartz Colours


White Pearl

Calacatta Gold

White Sparkle

Forza Quartz Properties



Forza is non-porous and resistant to stains including coffee, wine, lemon juice, olive oil, vinegar, makeup, and many other everyday products.



Forza is made from a combination of quartz minerals and synthetic materials that make it extremely hardwearing, with high impact resistance.


Resistant to scratches

Forza kitchen worktops are extremely difficult to scrape and scratch due to their solid, non-porous structure.


Select range of colours

We have hand selected the most popular 8 colours and finishes. This makes the choice easier for the consumer.


Completely unique

Forza is completely unique to Athena Surfaces. Pass the benefits onto your customers and tap into the savings.


25-year guarantee

Forza quartz worktops come with a 25-year warranty.

Forza worktop upgrades

Give your sales team the best chance of upselling Forza worktops by defining a clear process. Offer a select choice of 8 colours to make the decision easier. Create a clear pricing structure for your customers and increase the number of upgrades.


Improve margins with a clear process:

Choice of popular colours
Simple pricing to increase uptake 
Fast turnaround within 72 hours
Right first-time guarantee 

UK wide installers to your site

48-hour express service if needed.


image credit: Stonehouse Furniture

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Quartz surfaces made simple

You shouldn’t have to pay premium prices for quartz surface worktops in large quantities. We created Forza to bypass another step in the supply chain. Our own range is built with the same properties and benefits of established solid surfaces but with a lower cost.