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Worktop fabrication template and installation in under 72 hours

We manufacture and install worksurfaces for housebuilders, developers, and kitchen retailers.

Our process is fast and easy and leaves no room for error. Worksurfaces are installed within 72 hours of the order, or 48 hours for our express service.

How do we do it so quickly?

Clear process with your sales team

Simple pricing to increase uptake

Choice of leading brands

Popular materials in stock

Skilled templating team

UK wide installers to your site

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Worktop fabrication template process

The accuracy of our templating is part of the reliable, end-to-end service we provide. It ensures the consistent quality of our worksurface installations and gives us the rapid turnaround times that sets our service apart from other suppliers.


What’s involved?

  1. The site manager arranges a template for the day after the kitchen installation

  2. We template from the plan and relay any extra elements (your site manager does not need to be present) 

  3. The template is emailed straight back to the CAD room at our factory

  4. We check the template against the original purchase order

  5. We fabricate the worksurfaces using precision machinery

  6. We install the worksurfaces 72 hours later


We use digital templating as it’s fast and precise. The template files are emailed straight back to the factory, allowing us to install 72 hours later.

Using digital worktop fabrication templates enables us to provide customers with express turnaround times, accurate installations, and competitive prices.

“Do you use Corex to template too?”

We use Corex when it’s useful for the customer to physically see their design as part of the process.  Even when we physically template using Corex, we use a digital system to turn the physical template into a DXF file in the factory. 

See all our worksurface materials 

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