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Introducing our range of porcelain bathroom tiles

Introducing Magna by Athena

Our range of large format porcelain bathroom tiles

We recently launched a new range of large format porcelain bathroom tiles for housebuilders. The tiles achieve the luxury finish of high-end bathroom designs but at a price made affordable to home buyers.

Aspirational design, affordable prices

Magna Porcelain has been developed in response to demand. We saw the popularity of seamless porcelain tiling in contemporary bathroom designs and wanted to make it commercially viable for housebuilders to offer to customers on a large scale.

Because of the cost of the tiles and the more complex tiling process, suppliers had been reluctant to work with large format tiles. But we saw a way we could make the process affordable, bringing the luxury tiles to our client’s home buyers for the first time.

How do we keep costs down?

1) We developed our own range of large format tiles to price competitively.

2) We applied our stone masonry experience to the tiling process to make it fast and simple.

Large format tiling in a matter of hours

The tricky part about working with large format porcelain tiles is the handling. The size of each tile makes it harder to lift and place, and they break more easily than smaller tiles. They need to be templated and cut accurately to prevent visible grout lines.

Our experience working with solid surfaces makes us the ideal supplier to deal with the tiles. Solid surfaces, just like large format tiles, are heavy; require precise cutting; are fitted with seamless joints; and create flowing patterns.

After experimenting with large format floor and wall tiles at our factory showroom, we realised we could confidently tile the average bathroom in around five hours.

A stylish selling point

The ultimate benefit of the Magna Porcelain range is that you can offer customers a more luxurious and desirable product, that’s much faster to fit.

Your show homes get aspirational bathroom that deliver added wow factor to potential buyers. The upsell is made easier by the fact the tiles are affordable and customers are sold on the stylish finish. In our opinion, they are the next big thing in bathroom design.

The Magna Porcelain range by Athena has 30 colours with 3-4 price points, making the choice simple for customers. The tiles are 2.8m x 1.2m and 6mm thick, with 9mm floor tiles available in the same material for a consistent and aesthetically pleasing finish.

Are you a homebuilder considering large format bathroom tiles for your homes? Talk to us about what the Magna range could add to your developments.