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Italian porcelain floor tile trends to watch

Tiles are universally loved in home design. There are many fantastic benefits to using tiles as a finishing touch in home décor; they’re both easy to maintain and attractive, with a timeless allure and aspirational finish that’s ever-attractive to homeowners. From making an impactful design statement to capturing a more traditional appeal, the right tile can completely transform a home.

To keep up with the growing demand for porcelain floor tiles, we have begun importing our own range of Italian tiles, Luxus. To celebrate the launch, we’re delving into the world of luxury tiling as we take a closer look into three recent top trends. Read on for an insight into what’s popular this year, and to find out a little more about our exciting new range…

Luxurious natural stone

While marble has long been regarded as a desirable material, its prominence has grown massively in recent years. Undeniably luxurious, robust and with a stunning aesthetic, marble tiles are perfect for a spa-like finish for a bathroom, or a chic backsplash or floor in a kitchen.

Marble is famously expensive, but luckily these days there are many other materials that recreate its stylish effect at a much lower price point – all whilst maintaining many of the great, hardwearing qualities that make marble stand out. Our Luxus range of tiles is made from Italian porcelain and is available with a stunning veining effect that rivals the luxe aesthetics of the real thing. It’s also the perfect material if you want to install underfloor heating.

Stripped-back minimalism

Minimalist home design is another trend that has soared in popularity in recent years. Fashionable and functional, minimalism favours a “less is more” approach when it comes to aesthetics, with subdued, neutral colours and limited patterns. Minimalist tiles can lend an almost zen-like feel to a home, making the space feel unbusy and calming.

Luxus porcelain tiles are ideal for pulling off the minimalist trend in both kitchens and bathrooms. Opt for a calm, neutral shade floor tile with a natural stone-effect finish to really embrace stripped-back minimalism in the home.

Indoor-outdoor living

There’s always been something appealing about homes that seamlessly blend indoor and outdoor spaces. Indoor-outdoor living celebrates the great outdoors, inviting the outside in and extending a home’s usable space into its outside areas. As a result of the pandemic and the increase in time spent at home, we all gained a new-found appreciation for our outdoor spaces, be it a balcony, yard or sprawling garden. In 2023, we want to celebrate those spaces more than ever.

One of the most popular ways to perfect the indoor-outdoor living trend is with the use of bi-fold doors, which offer a stylish link between the inside and outside of a home. Choosing the same flooring for both spaces is the perfect way to achieve a seamless transition between the two spaces. Luxus tiles can be used both indoors and on outdoor patio spaces, making them a great option.

Introducing Luxus – our new range of Italian porcelain floor tiles

We’re excited to be launching Luxus, our brand-new range of Italian porcelain floor tiles for retailers. Luxus helps customers get the high-end tiles of their dreams at a price that’s affordable to the retailer, thanks to our ability to import and hold stock in large volumes. We pass the savings on to retailers, helping them to effortlessly increase their margins.

The Luxus range at a glance…

  • Unbeatable quality tiles with world-class Italian craftsmanship

  • A stunning aesthetic, with a range of sophisticated finishes and shades

  • Hardwearing and impermeable, as well as easy to maintain

  • Imported and held by us ready for when your customers order

  • A smaller price point, thanks to our ability to order in volume

  • Delivered in a matter of days

  • Can be used across kitchens, bathrooms, flooring, outdoor spaces and more

Luxus is our new range of Italian porcelain floor tiles available at the competitive prices we’re trusted for. If you’re a retailer and you’d like to find out more about displaying Luxus, we’d love to talk. Get in touch today.


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