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Our work with Lioncourt Homes

Updated: Jan 19, 2023

Lioncourt Homes is an award-winning home builder, building new homes in desirable locations throughout Central England. Lioncourt prides themselves on their approach to sustainable new home building, as well as their quality of workmanship, quality of service and customer satisfaction.

The requirement

Lioncourt Homes were looking for a kitchen surface supplier who were able to constantly meet their high standards. They would need to provide high-quality surfaces that would be offered to home buyers as an attractive optional upgrade to the standard offering, at a price that was competitive to the home builder.

Our difference

Athena Surfaces started supplying Lioncourt Homes in 2016, supplying the kitchens for one site. Today, we are the sole supplier for all 8 sites in Southern England.

All quartz worksurfaces fitted in a Lioncourt property are manufactured from Silestone by Cosentino and replace the laminate worksurfaces that are fitted as standard. These and the Magna large format tiles form part of the customer upgrade programme, offering an appealing alternative to the standard kitchen surfaces offered.

Our Magna tiles achieve the luxury finish of materials like marble at a cost that’s attainable to home buyers. Because of their large size, installing the tiles uses fewer tiles than smaller products and takes far less time.

The surface upgrades, in 8 different colours, are all available under one pricing group. This offers a major advantage over our competition, as too many variables can slow down a sales and order process. Our clear pricing makes the order and installation of worksurfaces smooth and fast. In addition to this, our Magna large format tiles are new to the housebuilder market, with Lioncourt being only the second developer to add them to their portfolio.


Client feedback in the years we have been working alongside Lioncourt Homes is consistently positive. They now have a quality kitchen upgrade offering at a price that is competitive to them. Our surface upgrades have proven to be an attractive prospect for both the home buyer and home builder; the homebuilder increases margins with every worktop sold and the home buyers get their dream kitchen design.

“Athena Work Surfaces provide worktops and sinks for all of our show homes and their product is fitted as standard in a number of our prestigious developments. We find the company easy to deal with, helpful and responsive so would not hesitate to recommend them to future clients.”

Matthew Underwood, Commercial Director

We’re proud of our working relationships with housebuilders, and it’s our goal to bring our 72-hour solid surface installations to every new home built in the UK. If you're a housebuilder looking to streamline your worktop supply chain, talk to us about how the process works.


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