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Why choose a SMAS accredited solid surface manufacturer?

Updated: Apr 16, 2021

We’re a SMAS accredited solid surface manufacturer

We have recently been assessed by the Safety Management Advisory Service (SMAS) and have passed all criteria to be awarded SMAS accreditation. Accreditation means we reach the required standards set by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE).

Safety supports a streamlined operation

Our Worcestershire factory is set up to be an efficient workplace. And working across the UK on homebuilding sites, our installers know how to operate safely and get their work done with no issues. Seamless service is what we’ve built our business on.

Manufacturing and installing templated solid surfaces are skilled processes. There’s a reason we get it right first time – and that’s because we’ve invested in our processes and team. Skilled employees are the core of our business and the surfaces we install.

Approved Health and Safety measures are part of running any business. It’s particularly important when working with machinery and heavy materials. The safety of our employees is more important than anything and training is essential to this. Training and refresher courses keep employees safe but also provide the opportunity for learning and development. Having a team who are confident and skilled at what they do is how we add value for customers.

Our customers come to us for quality, reliability, and speed. We can’t deliver any of those things without safe and efficient procedures. SMAS accreditation is more than a check box. It’s protection for our employees. It’s a commitment to doing the best possible job we can as a solid surface supplier for homebuilders.

Are you a homebuilder or kitchen retailer looking for a solid surface supplier? We make the upgrade process simple, templating and installing quartz worktops within as little as 72 hours from the customer’s selection.


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