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Behind the scenes at the Athena Surfaces factory

Updated: Jun 14, 2021

We’re worktop suppliers to housebuilders, developers, and kitchen retailers, and our process is fast and easy for our clients.

With leading materials, simple pricing, digital templating, precise fabrication, and first-time right installation – it’s a guaranteed smooth process.

What supports our fast turnaround and accurate installations?

Our people, processes, and machines are the centre of our business. We have invested in our infrastructure to make sure our operation is set up to deliver. The systems we have are designed for delivering high volumes within short timeframes.

See how we work in this behind-the-scenes glimpse of our factory:

Customer team

Our turnaround times and competitive prices are what sets us apart from other worktop suppliers. Standard timescales from order to install are 72 hours and we provide a 48-hour express service.

Our responsive customer team ensures the smooth running of orders. Clients have a dedicated point of contact and know their installations will be kept on track.

Training & skills academy

Our people are the backbone of our operations, and we are always looking to invest in their development. It’s why we have an onsite training academy. To us, having a team who are supported to develop and refine their skills is one of the strongest assets a business can have. Constantly improving ensures our customers get the very best results.

The materials

We provide competitive prices on some of the world’s leading solid surface materials. Large volume orders and our partnerships with manufacturers mean we can pass cost savings onto our clients. We keep the most popular surface materials in stock at our factory.

Digital templating

The start point of each new order is digital templating to accurately measure and design the new worktop. Our templating team use lasers to template and send CAD drawings straight back to our factory for fabrication.

The CAD room

New orders are sent here from the site and processed ready for fabrication. It’s an accurate process that saves time.

The machines:

Our machines allow us to fabricate surfaces quickly and precisely. At each stage of the build, there’s a machine to ensure the quality and durability of the final worktop.

Precision cutting

We have 3 Breton Genya CNC Saws used to cut shapes from slabs of stone to create surfaces.

Accurate splitting

We have a splitting machine that turns 30mm material into 20mm material to create colour matched upstands.


Our 3 Breton NC 300 CNCs allow us to add grooves, sink and tap holes to every surface.

Smooth edges

Our 2 Comandulli Edilplus Edge Polishers put a polish and edge profile on the cut edges to provide a smooth finish.

Delivery & installation

The final stage of our process takes place at our client’s site. We provide UK-wide delivery and have a full-time team of installers who complete the installation in a matter of hours.

We hope we’ve shown you a bit more about our team, processes, and the factory we call home! We’re proud of the operation we’ve built and look forward to the opportunity to take our services to more housebuilders and developers in the coming years.

Are you a homebuilder looking to streamline your worktop supply chain?


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