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How the showroom process works

At Athena, we’re proud to work closely with leading housebuilders up and down the UK. Housebuilders trust us for clear pricing, a fast turnaround and above all, excellent quality surfaces. Ultimately, our relationships are built on increasing upsell opportunities through stylish surface upgrades, which in turn, increases margins for housebuilders.

It’s important to us to help housebuilders maximise profits through worktop upgrades. We want to make the upsell easy for the sales team. That’s why we set a defined sales and marketing process and provide the very best showroom support to showcase our range of surfaces to potential buyers.

Keep reading to find out more about how the show home process works and see a stunning show kitchen we recently worked on with Jones Homes.

The show home process

A show kitchen for Jones Homes

When we partner with a housebuilder, we can supply show home worksurfaces to the site completely free of charge. This includes both the kitchen worktops and the installation. The housebuilder can also choose to pay for additional extras if they like, such as a windowsill and riser, splashback behind the hob and any utility room worktops, if required.

There are many great benefits for housebuilders when they showcase Athena products in their showrooms.

· Homebuyers are given the opportunity to see and feel our material in a kitchen environment, so they can experience the excellent quality first-hand.

· We know from talking to onsite sales teams that it’s a lot easier to sell an upgrade when the product is on display, rather than a customer seeing it through pictures in a brochure.

· We offer the total package to help make the sales process as easy as possible. We supply a full set of surface samples, on-site sales training and a brochure detailing how to care for the worktops, as well as the warranty information.

· A housebuilder can usually make a bigger cash margin on our worktops than most other upgrades in the property. We know that worktops and wardrobe upgrades are the biggest value upgrades sold in a new home, so it’s important to highlight the quality of the options available to the buyer.

A show kitchen for Jones Homes

Here’s how showroom support fits into the journey

1. First, we create a selection of attractive surface upgrade options. We offer a range of leading brand worksurfaces, as well as our own exclusive range, Forza. Forza has been developed specifically for housebuilders and offers an affordable quartz surface while cutting a step in the supply chain.

2. We agree a clear pricing structure. We know that the easier the quoting process is, the better chance a sales team has at a successful upsell. Our straightforward pricing structure is based on house type and allows housebuilders to provide faster quotes to customers.

Marketing suite for Jones Homes

3. We provide your sales team with training and marketing materials. We want the sales team to have the knowledge and confidence to best present the upgrade options to the buyers, so we make sure we’re on-hand to offer support.

4. Next, we create stunning show home worktops to present to homebuyers. A beautifully dressed show kitchen gives customers an idea of how their new home could look and helps them get excited about the upgrade options. This is an invaluable part of our service and is key for helping a housebuilder increase their margins.

5. Using the expert knowledge gained through our training and marketing, your sales team talk customers through their options and help them choose their new worktops from the range.

6. Finally, once the new worksurfaces are chosen they’re templated and installed by us – all within 72 hours.

A show kitchen for Jones Homes

Our show home installations make the sales upgrade process considerably easier for the housebuilder. We know customers are open to options when it comes to choosing their new home interiors, and putting stunning, high-quality worktops in front of them instantly creates more upsell opportunities.

We work with the largest housebuilders in the UK, helping them improve margins on houses sold through beautiful kitchen worktop upgrades. Get in touch today to find out how we can help you.


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