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Fast worktop fabrication for housebuilders

Updated: Aug 16, 2022

Fabricating worktops for housebuilders has taught us the importance of speed, accuracy, and clear processes. The housebuilders we supply are managing many moving parts. It’s our job to fit into the project seamlessly and deliver without exception.

Our streamlined process

After years of working together, we have created a worktop fabrication process for housebuilders that works effortlessly. Backed by leading industrial machinery and a large team, we provide 48-hour express turnaround and 72 hours as standard.

Worktop fabrication for housebuilders – how it works:

  1. Create a range of surfaces – we agree a select range of worktops to make the decision easy for the homebuyers.

  2. Clear pricing structure provides a rapid quote – your sales team quote the customer there and then. We provide training and materials for your show house staff.

  3. Customers pick standard or upgrade worktops – the choice is made, and the order comes direct to us via your show house team.

  4. We digitally template and manufacture the worktops – we visit the site to survey the worktops. The plans are sent directly to our CAD room to prepare.

  5. Worktops are installed within 72 hours – worktops are fabricated at our factory and delivered and installed by our team within 3 working days.

Getting it right first time

Our operation is built on speed and accuracy, and we have the machinery to match. It enables us to provide a service that our customers can truly rely on.

  • Digital templates – we use lasers to send CAD drawings straight to the saws.

  • Precision cutting – three Breton Genya CNC saws cut shapes from slabs of stone.

  • Accurate splitting – our splitting machine prepares colour matched upstands.

  • Detailing – three Breton NC 300 CNCs add grooves, sink, and tap holes.

  • Smooth edges – two Comandulli Edilplus Edge Polishers finish the edge profile.

Streamlining supply chains

When we work with housebuilder, we agree the range, prices, and timeframes. Once we are up and running, the process works like clockwork until all the homes have their new worktops.

Our process is why the UK’s leading housebuilders trust us. They know we understand their world and will go the extra mile to make sure things stay on track.

Are you a housebuilder looking to streamline your worktop supply chain? Talk to us about how the process works.


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