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How digital templating allows us to deliver on quality

Updated: Feb 13, 2023

At Athena, we pride ourselves on offering you the quality surfaces you need to complete your projects without added hassle.

We know kitchen worktops are an important part of a house build, but we also know that there are plenty of other aspects for a housebuilder to worry about. That’s why we want to make the process as seamless as possible. There are several ways we make things easier, including simple pricing, a defined sales process, and a fast, 72-hour turnaround.

But how is that made possible? With an operation that’s built not only on high quality but also speed and accuracy, we’ve invested in technology that enables us to be as efficient as possible – including digital templating.

What is digital templating?

We use digital templating, or laser templating, on our installations. Digital templating is a process that uses laser technology to collect accurate measurements (or a “template”) of a worktop. It’s a revolutionary technology that eliminates the need for old-school, manual measuring, saving hours of physical work.

Using digital worktop fabrication templates enables us to provide our customers with the express turnaround times, accurate installations and competitive prices we’re known for.

How does digital templating work?

In order to digitally template a countertop, we use the LT-2D3D Laser Templator, the world’s leading digital templating system. The precise, portable system uses lasers to record exact measurements. It is also designed to rotate virtually 360° for optimal coverage and accuracy.

The great thing about digital templating a kitchen is that we’re able to get the template file back to our factory’s CAD room to be cut within minutes of our team leaving the site. Once back at the factory, the CAD operators double-check everything is accurate before sending the designs through to the machines. The files can also be sent straight to the customers so they can approve the drawings straight away.

What are the benefits of digital templating?

Ultimately, digital templating saves a huge amount of time compared to manual templating. It also hugely reduces the margin for errors, allowing the install to be 100% accurate the first time. Our digital templating process allows us to confidently offer an incredibly fast turnaround time, making us a relied-upon supplier for many housebuilders.

The benefits of laser templating quartz and granite worktops are extensive:

  • Digital templating is quick and saves potentially hours of physical work.

  • Digital templating is precise, eliminating the costs associated with reworks.

  • Digital templating uses compact equipment, with a clean and simple design.

  • Digital templating is, obviously, digital! This means that plans are sent digitally and instantly directly to the CAD room.

  • Digital templating is great for awkwardly shaped spaces, ensuring worktops will fit perfectly with very little margin for error.

The accuracy of our templating is a key part of the end-to-end service we provide, ensuring the consistent quality of our worksurfaces and giving us the rapid turnaround times that sets our service apart from other suppliers.

We hope this answered any questions you had about digitally templating a kitchen. If you’re a housebuilder looking to streamline your worktop supply chain, get in touch to find out how our 72-hour solid surface installations can help you.


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