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The affordable quartz worksurface material is here

Introducing Forza: the affordable quartz worksurface

Our range of affordable quartz surfaces is set to increase margins on worktop installs for housebuilders and kitchen retailers. The range has been developed specifically to deliver cost savings, while maintaining the outstanding quality that customers expect.

Forza by Athena – what’s the story?

We manufacture and install worktops for some of the UK’s largest homebuilders, supplying quartz, sintered stone, and granite worktop upgrades to complete kitchens. The materials we fabricate are huge a step above laminate in quality, finish, and durability.

Because of their quality, quartz worktops come with an increased material cost, particularly from the leading and most established brands. The price can impact the customers’ choice to upgrade and limit the profit margins to the housebuilder or kitchen retailer.

We saw a gap in the market for an affordable quartz surface material that would enable us to pass the savings to our customers. Forza is our own range of quartz worktops, developed exclusively for our customers. It’s the quality expected of a premium quartz worktop, at a lower cost. Housebuilders and kitchen retailers stand to increase margins on worktops sold, while providing their customers with a desirable product to complete their new kitchen.

For us, having our own range removes a step from the supply chain and enables us to manage our stock more effectively. We don’t need to rely on a third party to have the quartz materials ready to fulfil customer orders as they come in.

Image credit: a quartz worktop for Stonehouse Furniture

What makes Forza Quartz uniquely profitable?

The cost savings are the ultimate benefit. Housebuilders and kitchen retailers save on the raw materials, offering a product of equal quality and value to buyers. As a result, they increase margins. We save by supplying materials directly to our customers.

The quality and style of the range is the next big selling point. Forza Quartz has the same benefits as other quartz products on the market, at a smaller price point. We have designed the range based on our experience of the most appealing choices.

Our wealth of data on the most chosen colours and finishes enabled us to design a range of popular swatches for homebuyers to browse. The smaller choice offering, with clear pricing, makes the decision to upgrade easier for the customer in the showroom.

Forza key benefits:

Cost savings

Increase margins on every worktop upgrade with an affordable product that’s quality matched.

Select colours

We have hand selected desirable colours and finishes to make the choice easy for consumers.

Completely unique

Forza (and the cost savings) is completely unique to Athena and our customers.


Resistant to stains including coffee, wine, and oil, Forza stands up to everyday spills.


Made from a combination of quartz and synthetic minerals, Forza is extremely hardwearing.

Scratch resistant

The solid, non-porous structure or Forza worktops makes them very difficult to scratch and scrape.

25-year guarantee

Forza worktops come with a 25-year warranty.

Start benefitting from Forza Quartz

Our own range is a unique opportunity for us and our clients to increase margins on one of the more expensive elements of a kitchen fitout. We’ve removed a step in the supply chain, bypassing the need for purchasing from an external manufacturer.

We have clear sight of our own stock levels. You get the same quality surfaces, templated and installed by our team, but at a smaller price point.

Are you a housebuilder or kitchen retailer wanting to increase margins on worktop installs? Talk to us about what the Forza Quartz range could add to your developments or projects.


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