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Stay ahead with trending quartz worktop colours

The versatility and high quality of quartz make it an ever-popular surface option for housebuilders and buyers alike. But what colour options should you go with to stay on-trend?

At Athena Surfaces, we’re quartz experts. Housebuilders, developers and kitchen retailers rely on us to manufacture and supply quality quartz surfaces. Our wide range, including our exclusive Forza Quartz range, comes in a variety of on-trend colours and finishes.

In this article, we’re delving into all things to do with quartz worktop colours, including some of the latest trends in quartz that are transforming kitchens around the world.

Image credit: Stonehouse Furniture

Quartz worktop colours

Unlike a natural stone worktop, quartz worktops have some man-made properties. Quartz surfaces are made largely from naturally occurring quartz (usually over 90%), which is ground down and fused with a small amount of binding material, like resin. At this point, pigmentation can also be added. This allows for multiple colour options and means that, unlike natural stone, quartz can be specifically engineered for aesthetics.

It's no surprise then that more and more people are realising that quartz surfaces are worth investing in. Housebuilders and buyers get high-quality surfaces with all the properties of completely natural stone; quartz is non-porous, scratch-resistant, and extremely durable – with the added freedom of hand-picking their own colour and finish.

What colour options are available for quartz worktops?

Our exclusive range of Forza Quartz surfaces has been developed by us specifically for housebuilders and their customers. Our experience in supplying surfaces from leading brands means we have a wealth of data to draw from on the most chosen colour choices and finishes. We’ve used that knowledge to hand-select 8 on-trend and stylish colours for the Forza range, making the choice – and decision to upgrade – easier for the customer.

The Forza Quartz colour range comes in the following sophisticated options:

What colour is best for quartz kitchen worktops?

Quartz can be used to effortlessly transform a kitchen. Our Forza Quartz colours and finishes can be adapted and suited to a host of different kitchen styles or trends.

Make a statement with colour

Paired with brightly coloured statement cabinets or eye-catching wallpaper, an understated quartz worktop adds a timeless finishing touch that won’t go out of style.

Deep shades of blue and rich forest green cabinets have been rising in popularity for a couple of years, and don’t appear to be going anywhere anytime soon. Incorporating a lighter-hued worktop instantly brightens the space and adds a contemporary, clean finish. White Pearl and Attico are fantastic options.

Lean into modern minimalism

Image credit: Stonehouse Furniture have tipped minimalist kitchens as a key trend for 2022, with “straight lines, fuss-free details and clean polished details” offering a perfect, serene respite from people’s busy day-to-day lives.

The Forza Quartz colour range is ideal for perfecting that sleek, minimalist finish. The 8 unique colour finishes complement a huge range of different minimal kitchens, from ever-stylish grey to ultramodern white.

With their stunning speckled finishes, Adana Grey or Centaurus are the perfect options to set off grey cabinets, while the darker hue of Rhinestone sets it apart as a stylish and versatile choice, particularly when paired with white cabinets for a cool monochrome finish.

Of course, some prefer their kitchens to be a blank canvas they can transform with personalised décor. Using Polar White worktops in a white kitchen creates an airy, minimalist effect that’s a wonderful option for those who prefer to make a statement with house plants or art prints.

No matter the trend, our handpicked range of Forza Quartz worktop colours will add a chic finish to any kitchen. If you’re a housebuilder or developer looking for quality quartz upgrades for your projects, get in touch to find out how we can help.


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